Updates 2020-09-07

Both our Kaseya VSA and RMM Neutral Powershell script department har grown with a couple of new Audit and Patch Management scripts. You could say it's a tagteam between our current Kaseya VSA script developent and Powershell. Evetually all the current Extended Audit and Automation scripts available in Kaseya VSA…

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Updates 2019-05-03

Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures New: Audit\Audit - Windows - Bluescreen Memory Dump AnalyzerNew: Audit\Audit - Windows - Is Machine Domain JoinedNew: Audit\Audit - Windows - Is Windows ActivatedNew: Monitoring\Monitoring - Windows - Send Event Log Alert With Attitional Current User InfoNew: MS Office And Office 365 Mgmt\Application Update - Windows…

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Updates 2019-11-28

Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures NEW: Custom Field - Audit - Windows - Get GPU Model And DriverNEW: Custom Field - Audit - Windows - Get HDD Model And Serial

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Updates 2019-11-01

IT Glue Updated: Flex Assets/CloudApplications.ps1: Added "Managed By Us", "Containg Personal Data".Updated: Flex Assets/OnPremApps.ps1: Added "Managed By Us", "Containg Personal Data".Updated: API/VM Host: ITGlue-VMHost-FeedFlexibleAssetHyperV.ps1: Now using MAC to tag existing Configurations.Updated: API/VM Host: ITGlue-VMHost-FeedFlexibleAssetVMware.ps1: Now using MAC to tag existing Configurations.Updated: API/ITGlue-Webroot-FeedFlexibleAsset.ps1: Now using MAC to tag existing Configurations. Pulseway (NEW) New:…

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Updates 2019-07-10

Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures New: Audit - Windows 10 - Custom Field - Get Windows Experience Index (WEI). Audit if a machine is worthy.Updated: Audit - Windows 10 - Custom Field - Get Disk Encryption Status. We now use a Powershell one-liner instead of manage-bde.Updated: Custom Field - Audit - Windows…

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Updates 2019-03-15

IT Glue New: ITGlue/API/VMHost/ITGlue-VMHost-CreateFlexibleAsset.ps1New: ITGlue/API/VMHost/ITGlue-VMHost-FeedFlexibleAssetHyperV.ps1 RMM Neutral Scripts New: RMMNeutralScripts/SysMgmt/RMM-SysMgmt-Windows-CreateSystemRestorePoint.ps1 Kaseya VSA Agent Proceures New: KaseyaVSA/AgentProcedures/Extended Audit/Custom Field - Audit - Windows - Get Hyper-V Host NameNew: KaseyaVSA/AgentProcedures/Windows 10 Specific/Windows 10 Audit/Audit - Windows 10 - Custom Field - Get OneDrive VersionNew: KaseyaVSA/AgentProcedures/Windows 10 Specific/Windows 10 System Managment/Sys Mgmt - Windows 10 -…

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Updates 2019-02-04

IT Glue New: API/Webroot/ITGlue-Webroot-CreateFlexibleAsset.ps1 New: API/Webroot/ITGlue-Webroot-FeedFlexibleAsset.ps1 RMM Neutral scripts New: RMMNeutralScripts/AppMgmtWithChocolatey/RMM-AppMgmt-Windows-ChocoDeploy-RegisterChocoApps.ps1

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