Kaseya Power Pack Premium

One thing the pandemic has teached MSP’s around the world is that remote work is here to stay. And so is automation. It’s time for MSP’s to level up and do more with the tools they have. If you are a Kaseya VSA user, we got som good news for you.¬†Upstream proudly introduce Kaseya Power Pack Premium!

  • Ready-to-use Basic and Fully Managed Workplace service tiers to offer your customers
  • Based on our popular Upstream Power Pack Kasyea VSA and IT Glue sections
  • 20+ enforcing Windows 10 Policies (perfect for work from home)
  • Advanced Windows 10 automation, audit and compliace reporting
  • API based Application tracking from VSA to IT Glue (coming Q4 2020)
  • Detailed service catalog and content setup instructions
  • Upstream premium support
  • All this and more for only $1000/year

Recording from our introduction webinar 2020-09-24

Say hello to Fully Managed Workplace

Kaseya Power Pack Premium will give you two distinct tiers to offer your customers: Basic Workplace and Fully Managed Workplace. They are optimized for Windows 10 managment and automation. The complete description of the two tiers is open for browsing in our IT Glue. Friendly note: Please use Incognito if you yourself are a IT Glue user in EU as your browser may have your current session active.